JCircuitBreaker 1.2.0 available in maven repos for


Our Projects

Below you can find information about projects we are currently working on together with links to project pages containing information about releases and docs.
An open source java library implementing circuit breaker approach. Enables your applications to make decisions at runtime whether to execute certain java code or not. The decision is based on conditions which can be customized. Artifact is available in Maven Central repository. Read more at JCircuitBreaker homepage.
An open source java HTTP firewall. Allows to define security rules in firewall configuration file, as well as to build the rules at runtime. Currently supports threat detection based on URL pattern attacks. Detailed documentation coming soon. Artifact is available in Maven Central repository. For details (before project site is set up) refer to BeSecureFirewall page at bitbucket.
Small java library allowing to declaratively define multiple proxies in java application (by means of configuration file or startup parameters). Each defined proxy is bound to different url. Release of version 1.0 is pending. Release candidate is stable to use and available for download. Current docs can be found on jProxyLoader page at sourceforge.net.
Tiny open-source javascript utility which allows to count time up from specified date/time. Calculated days, minutes and seconds passed are provided via callback mechanism. No docs or public releases available yet. Snapshot can be downloaded from Count-up-timer source repository.

Contact Us

When asking about specific project please write exactly the name of the project, so that we don't get confused:) We respond as fast as possible. We are open for ideas, cooperation and new projects released under secodo.net.