Introduction to JCircuitBreaker

JCircuitBreaker is a java library loosely implementing Circuit Breaker pattern. Allows to reduce load on specified resource - defined as a call to java method - in case there is a risk that the method might not finnish in reasonable time manner or in case some special (custom) conditions takes place. These “conditions”, which are called break strategy, are fully customizable and specified individually for each circuit breaker. Some predefined implementations of break strategy are already shipped together with the library. Many more are targeted for future releases. The java method that is protected by the circuit breaker is called a target-method or Task (written with capital letter). The role of the circuit breaker is to decide at runtime weather the target-method should be executed or not (depending on what break strategy decides at the moment).

Such mechanism is particularly useful when target-method is potentially long running task or a task which can consume a lot of server resources (like an expensive database call) and therefore only limited number of such tasks should be executed in parallel to avoid overhead. Also a call to an external rest-api s a good candidate to be protected by a circuit breaker since the response time from external resource may be long.

More information can be found on usage page.

The JCircuitBreaker library is Open Source library developed by team and is distributed under Apache Software License 2.0.

Technical notes


Library version consists of three numbers A.B.C. A is library version number which can change when big changes are applied to the library. B signifies major version. Major version changes when new features are introduced to the library. When
major version changes there might be small backwards-compatibility problems for which migration guide is provided. C is minor version number. Minor version changes when there are minor updates to the library like bug fixes or small new features which are backward compatible. Minor version is guaranteed to be backward compatible.


version 1.2.0
  • new versioning introduced
  • Major refactoring of the circuit breaker mechanism
  • TaskExecutionException is thrown by execute method of CircuitBreaker#execute method and signifies the problem only with actual task execution (i.e. thrown when execution of real method resulted in exception)
  • CircuitBreaker exception thrown by CircuitBreaker#execute method is now RuntimeException
  • FixedCircuitBreaker is now renamed to ReusableCircuitBreaker
  • RetryHandler onRetry() method which can be overriden in subclasses
  • static JCircuitBreaker was removed because, when called from different locations, shared executions of different types of tasks which resulted in not expected behaviours of break strategies which depended on the currently executed tasks
  • BreakHandlerFactory interface is provided with to allow creation of BreakHandlers at runtime
  • OnePerExecutionHandlerFactory interface is provided to allow creation of one instance of given BreakHandler per single execution of circuit breaker
  • ReusableCircuitBreakerBuilder is provided to allow creation of ReusableCircuitBreaker in “fluent interface way”
  • Task interface was introduced and replaces the Callable interface
  • VoidTask interface was introduced to support void methods
  • TooManyConcurrentExecutionsStrategy renamed to LimitedConcurrentExecutionsStrategy
  • TooLongCurrentAverageExecutionTimeStrategy renamed to LimitedCurrentAverageExecutionTimeStrategy
migration from version 1.1
  • change name of FixedCircuitBreaker to ReusableCircuitBreaker and make sure you read the api of ReusableCircuitBreaker
  • catch TaskExecutionException instead of CircuitBreakerException when executing your methods (read more below)
  • replace static calls to JCircuitBreaker.execute() by creating new instances of DefaultCircuitBreaker or ReusableCircuitBreaker
  • methods to execute should now be casted to Task class and not Callable class
  • Rename TooManyConcurrentExecutionsStrategy to LimitedConcurrentExecutionsStrategy
  • Rename TooLongCurrentAverageExecutionTimeStrategy to LimitedCurrentAverageExecutionTimeStrategy
version 1.1
  • Minor changes - moved project to, artifact groupId changed to net.secodo.jcircuitbreaker
version 1.0
  • Stable version - released
version 1.0-RC3
  • FixedCircuitBreaker class added
  • Changed visibility for fields inside strategy classes
  • Fixed RetryHandler bug
  • Added two new break handlers (ReturnStaticValueHandler and ExceptionThrowingHandler)